* News : टोमॅटो, मिरची, वांगी, कोबी, फ्लॉवर, काकडी, दोडका,कारले,दुधी भोपळा, कलिंगड, खरबूज,पपई,शेवगा तसेच परदेशी भाजीपाला रोपे, रंगीत ढोबळी मिरची, चेरी-टोमॅटो, युरोपियन काकडी, ब्रोकोली, लेट्युस, झुकिनी इ. तसेच कलम तंत्रज्ञान वापरून, वांग्याची कलमी रोपे ऑर्डरनुसार मिळतील. बुकिंगसाठी संपर्क- ०२११२-२५५५२७, ९७६६९७८२३७ ,७३८७०७५५४४ - भाजीपाला गुणवत्ता केंद्र , केव्हीके बारामती



1. Need to produce more with less inputs, increase efficiency and sustainability
2. Indian agri business is willing to adopt and improve new technology and cultivation concepts
3. Growing interest in contract farming
4. Increasing need for (organic) products to meet increasing national and international market demands and requirements on reliable supply, quality and food safety in a sustainable way.
5. Increasing awareness and demand for post-harvest management and infrastructure to maintain product quality and to decrease food supply chain losses
6. Increasing awareness and acceptance among farmers to work together to increase economies of scale and marketing power
7. Need for platform in which different links and supporters of various horti supply chains are meeting to jointly work on further improvements in Indian agri business.


To revolutionize Indian horticulture with demand driven and inspiring products and knowledge services to realize next level in Indian professional horti business.


In May 2012, an overall MoU was signed between the Dutch and Indian Agricultural ministries and work plans were defined. In these work plans, India and the Netherlands agreed to make available Dutch agro-knowledge, technology, research and education for the Indian food production and processing sectors......

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Practical session on Nursery Management - 9.11 May 2024

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Nutritional Training Programme News - 12.3.2024

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Kharif Vegetable Cultivation

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What We Aim

Supply of quality Planting Material of vegetables through production under high tech green house in Soilless media

B. Demonstration of different types of high tech protected cultivation with various types of structures.

C. Demonstration of various cultivation practices throught the Center of Excellence.